If you’re like us, then chances are you go through a lot of candles (these hobnail candles are our particular favorites!). But when the jar your candle comes in is just as pretty by itself, you don’t want to just throw it away when you’re done burning the candle! Below are four easy ways to use those empty candle jars in a decorative and fun way.

[Before you do anything with your candle jars, you’ll need to clean the leftover wax out of them. Pour boiling water in the jar and let it sit for a few minutes. Once the wax is softened up, dump the waxy water in your trash (or in a plastic cup– then you can freeze it and throw away the frozen chunk without making your trash a watery mess. Make sure you don’t dump the water down your sink’s drain, as once the wax cools you’ll have an unpleasant waxy situation.). Depending on how much wax was left, you might have to scrape out the bottom with a plastic knife or spoon, and repeat with boiling water. Then make sure to wash your jars with soap and water.]




Put cotton balls or q-tips in an empty jar to make storing your bathroom necessities pretty and organized.


Stash your office supplies (such as pens & pencils, rulers, even paper clips and smaller supplies if you have smaller, votive-sized jars) in a bright, colorful jar to add some punch to your desk.


Once these jars are cleaned out, they make beautiful vases or planters! Pair bright flowers with a complimentary colored candle jar for a gorgeous centerpiece or gift.

Give your tools a facelift! Store them upright in a jar and make them the stars of the show for once.

What do you do with your empty candle jars?

Have a beautiful day,

Your Urban Market Team